Meet the Shiori

A beautifully handcrafted leather shoe aimed at providing your ankle with maximum support. Featuring recommended requirements by the American Podiatric Medical Association. The leather insoles are removable to fit most modern custom-made orthotics. Best of all, it is available in three different trade marked widths, the Min, the More, the Most.

Meet the Miku

The only sandal that supports your heel and your forefoot for optimal foot function. Protects and hides bunions. Provides medium ankle support. Footbed can be enhanced for further foot support if needed. Beautiful while versatile.

How to order

Here are the 3 simple steps for your buying journey below:


Shiori or Miku

Lots of formal wear but not sure what kind of pair you need? We hear you! For maximum ankle support to go with your everyday work attire we have the Shiori, with a variety of colors, and widths where style meets comfort. Dress down Fridays? Or out of the office? Miku is the only sandal for you! With a medium ankle support sandals that support both your heels & forefoot and a footbed that can be enhanced for extensive foot support. Talk about optimal foot function!


The Min, The More or The Most

Now for the serious topic here. Where sizing matters, we are fully aware of your concerns and the skepticism of finding the perfect measurements online. Not to worry, we have indicated how you can find the right size for you with a guide to follow. Click on the select size page for more details.


Happy Shopping 😉

We hope those steps were helpful, good job on making a commitment to take better care of your feet. Who says shoes that are supposed to be good for you has to be so grotesque right? We’d love to see you again soon!