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Frequently Asked Questions

Solescape shoes come in 3 different widths.

The min® is the average width that most shoes come in. It is not narrower than usual. If you have never had any issues with shoes being too narrow for your feet then this width is for you. Suitable for use with custom made orthotics


The more® is wider than the min® and is wider than the average shoe width. If you find that the average shoe width is always just a bit too tight then this width is for you. If you have ever bought a pair of shoes a size up so that it could be wider then this is for you. If you stand for many hours during the day and find that your feet swell and become wider, then this width is for you. If you have developed a small bunion  or corns on the top or sides of your toes then the extra width would be of great help. Suitable for use with custom made orthotics


The most® is wider than the more® and is the widest shoe in our range. We have worked tirelessly on making sure that the increased width is felt but not seen. This way you can be assured of getting the benefits of a wider fit while still looking good and feeling confident. If your feet are wide and swell due to pregnancy or standing for long hours then this width is for you. If you have bunions, corns  or toe problems then this width may help. If you have a large bone structure or generally find closed shoes to be uncomfortable then this width may be for you. Suitable for use with custom made orthotics 


Please take a look at the select size page for more information.

After you’ve chosen the most suitable size (length & width) we will then send 2 pairs of shoes for you to find your fit.

1 pair is your chosen size and 1 pair of smaller size.

Our delivery person will wait for you to try on the shoes for about 10min max, and after that an additional charge of S$0.40/min will be imposed to you (payable directly to the courier company).

  • Free shipping for ALL orders include 2 way round transfer with specific delivery slot
  • Store pick-up

The courier company will send 2 pairs of shoes and wait for the customer to find the right fitting for their shoes, and return the unwanted one back to us. Waiting time window is maximum 10 mins, should you exceed the time stated, there will be an additional charge of S$0.40/min imposed to customer (Payable directly to the courier company).

  • 9am – 1pm
  • 1pm – 5pm
  • 6pm – 10pm

Please note that agents may arrive 30 mins before or after the specific time.

We will attempt a re-delivery at the earliest available date with no additional cost.
However, should the parcel still not be delivered on the 2nd attempt, it will be returned to Solescape with a $5 return fee at the customer’s expense.

Please make sure to select the most convenient time for delivery to avoid any delay or any additional charges.

Once the order has been confirmed & picked-up by courier, an SMS tracking link will be sent to the your mobile.

  • You can exchange the shoe for a different model within 30 days from day you purchased the shoe.
  • The shoes must be in clean, unworn condition and are packed in its original packaging.
  • If you are returning by post, you are only responsible for the one-way return postage to us. We will cover posting it back to you. OR you could drop by to our store for 1 to 1 exchange.

If you have purchased the incorrect size, width or colour, you can return and exchange it for another model. Simply inform us on this contact form and post the shoe in its original packaging to this address:

Solescape Shoes Pte Ltd
10 Jalan Serene
#02-09 Serene Centre
Singapore, 258748

We currently only ship to Singapore and Malaysia. Shipping to all other countries will be made available soon. Hang in there!

Yes. More designs are currently being developed with more colours.